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Джил Элвгрен и фотография



Gil Elvgren paints a model in his studio. Courtesty Marianne Ohl Phillips.
Джил Элвгрен (Gil Elvgren, 1914-1980) Claws for Alarm (Rude Awakening; Caught in a Pinch), 1958. Oil on canvas.
Bear Facts, 1962.
Study for Bear Facts (A Modest Look; Bearback Rider), 1962.
Джил Элвгрен (Gil Elvgren, 1914-1980) Inside Story (Overexposure), 1959.
Джил Элвгрен (Gil Elvgren, 1914-1980) Fit to Kill (I'm Fair Game For Any Hunt), 1965.
Джил Элвгрен (Gil Elvgren, 1914-1980) The Right Touch (The Final Touch), 1958.

 A Grand Slam (April Shower), 1961.
 A Neat Package,  1961.
 Taking a Chance (No Bikini Atoll), 1962.
 Миг удачи (Pot Luck), 1961.
 Swingin' Sweetie, 1968.
 Sheer Comfort, 1959.

 Cold Feed (Cold Front), 1958.
 Look Out Below (Easy Does It), 1956.
Джил Элвгрен (Gil Elvgren, 1914-1980) Подготовительные фотографии.
Riding High, 1958. Oil on canvas.
Myrna Hanson as posed in A Frame Worth Picturing.
A Behind the Scenes view of model Myrna Hansen.
Toast of the Town (A Frame Worth Picturing), 1954.

Published Brown & Bigelow, calendar.
Sitting Pretty, 1953.
Pretty Cagey. Pose Photo. 1953.
Pretty Cagey, 1953.
Weighty Problem (Starting At The Bottom). Pose Photo. 1962.
 Weighty Problem, 1962.

Waiting for You (Proofs Wanted), 1955.
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